Make pure water affordable!!

Continuously improving service for our Clients and Partners, we aspire that People and Companies could receive clear water quicker, more conveniently and cheaper. We help our Partners to build their business profitable and Consumers to save time and money!

In the current work, we are following such principles us:


Honesty in relation to partners, colleagues, clients is the main condition of long-term success. The reputation and trust is more important than momentary benefit.


Continuous development and aspiration to a maximum is a natural state of business and each member of team. We study on our experience, we emphasize the best and we draw conclusions from our mistakes.


In the branch, in the market we direct to leadership. As partners we choose leaders or those who persistently goes to it. We use advanced technologies of work with the market and business developments.


We create vertically integrated Company.

  • production

  • import, wholesale distribution

  • small wholesale

  • design and engineering

  • retail trade, Internet trade

  • service

  • IT and management consulting